Mindat Custae

The Psionic Control-Freak


Mindat is a blonde noblewoman of average size. She’s attractive, but not more so than any other Elan, and usually is acting like so much of a cold, superior bitch that all you want to do is punch her in the face. (This isn’t saying she CAN’T be likeable when she wants to. She just doesn’t usually have patience for the pathetic insects beneath her.) Like all Elans, her eyes are merely blank white holes in her face that give the disturbing impression of constantly staring into your soul. They used to be blue, and they’re one of the reasons Mindat detests mirrors, since she hates being reminded of the fact that she’s no longer human. (More on that later.) Her hair is blonde, and she wears it long, in a perfectly symmetrical hairstyle. Sometimes she tucks it beneath the hat she often wears, which is pale blue, matching her dress. The dress is expensive, reflecting her noble heritage, but surprisingly easy to move in, because Mindat is fundamentally a realist. Underneath she wears cloth armor, but would kill anyone who found out. (Or at least rape their mind until they forget.) She also wears glasses, not because she needs them, but because she thinks they make her look intelligent. (They don’t.) Being only wire frames, with no actual glass, they are also utterly useless.


Mindat is, well, used to be the privileged daughter of a nobleman, and developed some slight psychic powers. Due to her adaptable nature, and orderly nature, she was taken by the Cullers to become an Elan, which she readily agreed to. However, during the transformation, her mind snapped, and though it was fixed (badly) Mindat is now walking the fine edge between relatively normal thinking and absolute batshit insanity. The only thing currently keeping her tethered to reality is her unshakable belief that the Gods are dead. While she doesn’t exactly go around campaigning for the end to all organized religion (After all, anything that keeps people in line can’t be all bad,) Mindat has taken hold of the belief that she has ascended to another form, and been given a chance to “save” humanity from all dangerous impulses, such as emotion, creativity, free will, etc. Therefore, she has vowed to become a Psion capable of ceasing control of the minds of every being who has even committed a chaotic action. The sooner they are reigned in, and put under her power, the better and safer the world will be. Like religion, Mindat isn’t overt about any of this, (Since nobody likes a control freak) but has an obvious dislike for anything disorderly, at times bordering on… strange. Her routine is set every day, and she expects people to be consistent and predictable, becoming EXTREMELY pissed when they don’t comply. This has resulted in more than one close call. At the beginning of the adventure, Mindat has just formed her conclusion, and cut all family ties, viewing it as nothing more than a material weakness. (Despite the fact that she still borrows money from them.) No friends and enemies have been made… yet.

Mindat Custae

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