The Dawn of Dreams

Solomon's notes

If these notes are found, they belong to Solomon of the Church of the Silver Flame and should be returned to either him, or the Church. If he has perished, his body is to be returned to Sharn’s monastery, assuming it can be found or recovered.

Party Members-

Ijids- Brawler Kobold, unintelligent, strong, otherwise harmless.
Zalharath- Invoker Kalashtar, not of the Silver Flame, seems nice enough. Harmless.
Puck- Human Changeling Ranger. Mischevous and deceptive. More information needed. Should be watched.
Mindat- Human(?) magic-user. Selfish and needy. Powerful. Should be watched.
Alistaire- Tiefling magic-user. Quiet. More information needed.

Elena- Warforged Artificier. Seems friendly. More information needed.

Current objectives
Meet with Brenna
notes- she reacted strangely to Zalharath’s name

Fly to Xen’Drik

Meet with our contact
notes- Professor Dash Dannigan acted strangely, watch him

Find the Tomb
notes- Met a group, Warforged, Half Elf (‘Falko Denka’), two humans(?), who were interested in the tomb. We made a wager. So far it seems we won.

Explore the tomb
notes- Lizardfolk are definately active. Seem to be afraid of holy magic though.



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