The Dawn of Dreams

Lizards and drows and ice oh my!

Puck's journal!

((Most of the handwriting on this page is extremely shaky and scratchy looking))

Alright journal, this is gonna be a quick one. We went further into the ruins and found this statue of a drow. Elena apparently zoned back in and didn’t realize I was a changeling. Poor girl.

Um. Zal gave me a sunrod because it was impossible to see, and then the statue fell on top of Solomon. Turned out to be lizardfolk. I bravely ventured forth at first to confront them but I had to retreat since there were so many.

One of them got disintegrated, and then the rest got smashed into the ground. One of them gored Ijids but he’s doing alright. Another cleaved into Alistaire’s shoulder, but she’s ok too.

We thought the battle was over, but then we got stuck under a fucking tapestry. Well. Most of us. Elena, Alistaire, and Zal weren’t stuck. Elena ran over us at one point I think, and Mindat was very rude to her!!!

See that’s just being mean now. She didn’t even do anything to deserve getting yelled at. (( There is a little angry face drawn here ))

I was the first to get out from under the thing, but then I think I got frostbite. I’m having a hard time feeling my fingers at the moment. Hopefully it’s just temporary.

Anyway. Zal had me toss the sunrod down to where the icy stuff came from after we killed the last two lizards. Turns out it was some lizardfolk shaman dude with a drow head. Guy pissed me off so I ran up and split him in half. Total badass.

We’ve stopped to rest and heal up for now. Bearington is helping me stay warm. Mindat is being rude as usual and unappreciative. I took the drow head as a prize, but everyone is worried it’ll block their magic or something. It better not.

I think I’m gonna just take a nap noowwwwwwww (( the w’s trail off into a scrawled line off the page ))



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