The Dawn of Dreams

ijids's (and Elena's!!) page idle thoughts #2

(The top of the page has a drawing of a very angry… kobold-like stick figure underneath a line.)

ijids hates wall rugs. They’re actually quite nice when they’re not falling on people!

So, I suppose I sort of zoned out for a while…. So, apparently that old man was a lizard? Or he was transformed into a lizard?? I’m not sure, I might have to politely ask him later before assuming the worst…
But anyways, I suppose we’ve finally made it to the ruins, seeing as we’re inside a very dusty and old place!
We ran into some more lizarman that weren’t Puck, and some of the others were unfortunate enough to end up under one of the tapestries. I managed to ‘hold up the fort’ as the saying goes while they were trying to get out, but they didn’t really seem too appreciative of my efforts.
Oh well, I suppose I’ll just have to try harder! Maybe I’ll try to be even more useful next time we run into trouble.

(Underneath is a doodle of Elena, only making a neutral expression with her eyebrows raised and shrugging. It’s a bit like a caricature, in a bit of a ‘cutesy’ style.)



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