The Dawn of Dreams

Lizards and drows and ice oh my!
Puck's journal!

((Most of the handwriting on this page is extremely shaky and scratchy looking))

Alright journal, this is gonna be a quick one. We went further into the ruins and found this statue of a drow. Elena apparently zoned back in and didn’t realize I was a changeling. Poor girl.

Um. Zal gave me a sunrod because it was impossible to see, and then the statue fell on top of Solomon. Turned out to be lizardfolk. I bravely ventured forth at first to confront them but I had to retreat since there were so many.

One of them got disintegrated, and then the rest got smashed into the ground. One of them gored Ijids but he’s doing alright. Another cleaved into Alistaire’s shoulder, but she’s ok too.

We thought the battle was over, but then we got stuck under a fucking tapestry. Well. Most of us. Elena, Alistaire, and Zal weren’t stuck. Elena ran over us at one point I think, and Mindat was very rude to her!!!

See that’s just being mean now. She didn’t even do anything to deserve getting yelled at. (( There is a little angry face drawn here ))

I was the first to get out from under the thing, but then I think I got frostbite. I’m having a hard time feeling my fingers at the moment. Hopefully it’s just temporary.

Anyway. Zal had me toss the sunrod down to where the icy stuff came from after we killed the last two lizards. Turns out it was some lizardfolk shaman dude with a drow head. Guy pissed me off so I ran up and split him in half. Total badass.

We’ve stopped to rest and heal up for now. Bearington is helping me stay warm. Mindat is being rude as usual and unappreciative. I took the drow head as a prize, but everyone is worried it’ll block their magic or something. It better not.

I think I’m gonna just take a nap noowwwwwwww (( the w’s trail off into a scrawled line off the page ))

ijids's (and Elena's!!) page idle thoughts #2

(The top of the page has a drawing of a very angry… kobold-like stick figure underneath a line.)

ijids hates wall rugs. They’re actually quite nice when they’re not falling on people!

So, I suppose I sort of zoned out for a while…. So, apparently that old man was a lizard? Or he was transformed into a lizard?? I’m not sure, I might have to politely ask him later before assuming the worst…
But anyways, I suppose we’ve finally made it to the ruins, seeing as we’re inside a very dusty and old place!
We ran into some more lizarman that weren’t Puck, and some of the others were unfortunate enough to end up under one of the tapestries. I managed to ‘hold up the fort’ as the saying goes while they were trying to get out, but they didn’t really seem too appreciative of my efforts.
Oh well, I suppose I’ll just have to try harder! Maybe I’ll try to be even more useful next time we run into trouble.

(Underneath is a doodle of Elena, only making a neutral expression with her eyebrows raised and shrugging. It’s a bit like a caricature, in a bit of a ‘cutesy’ style.)

Solomon's notes

If these notes are found, they belong to Solomon of the Church of the Silver Flame and should be returned to either him, or the Church. If he has perished, his body is to be returned to Sharn’s monastery, assuming it can be found or recovered.

Party Members-

Ijids- Brawler Kobold, unintelligent, strong, otherwise harmless.
Zalharath- Invoker Kalashtar, not of the Silver Flame, seems nice enough. Harmless.
Puck- Human Changeling Ranger. Mischevous and deceptive. More information needed. Should be watched.
Mindat- Human(?) magic-user. Selfish and needy. Powerful. Should be watched.
Alistaire- Tiefling magic-user. Quiet. More information needed.

Elena- Warforged Artificier. Seems friendly. More information needed.

Current objectives
Meet with Brenna
notes- she reacted strangely to Zalharath’s name

Fly to Xen’Drik

Meet with our contact
notes- Professor Dash Dannigan acted strangely, watch him

Find the Tomb
notes- Met a group, Warforged, Half Elf (‘Falko Denka’), two humans(?), who were interested in the tomb. We made a wager. So far it seems we won.

Explore the tomb
notes- Lizardfolk are definately active. Seem to be afraid of holy magic though.

The Great Race
Puck's Journal!

Hey journal, it’s me again. I’m starting to forget why I’m bothering to keep track of this. I’m not even in disguise anymore. Maybe it’s so I can tell my future (totally awesome) grandkids how badass I was.

We were wandering along when we heard voices ahead. I bravely offered to try and sneak up, but then Mindat broke my concentration by asking for fucking food. Food. Who the fuck asks for food at a time like that!? Besides me!?

So I got nearly strangled by this fuckhuge warforged (I vastly prefer our own) and this snooty half-elf gets him to put me down. I heard something about how we’re inexperienced blah blah blah blah blah we suck blah blah blah

At some point we went to this fork in the road (because I dunno the half-elf wanted a compromise since we wouldn’t shut up) and he let us pick which one. He said something about a traveler’s curse and how the trails were fucking random. I didn’t believe that bullcrap and just cleverly pointed out the better trail from treetop position (I had to sneak because these fuckers strangled me)

Also I dropped my disguise along the way and played a joke on Solomon once we naturally reached the ruins first. He didn’t take it very well and tried to threaten me. Big baby. Big scaly baby.

We had to go through some lizardfolk to get access to the ruins, and we tried a totally awesome plan to make them leave. I had to be a lizard guy for a while, which was weird. And it would have totally worked if….if….mindat didn’t exist or something. Something we did was wrong. They chased me up a tree but we killed them all. Totally sniped some coward as he tried to run away, and I got a brain and a javelin for my troubles! Totally SWEET LOOT

Apparently there was some riddle on the door once we got in. Something about slaves and kings, I couldn’t read it. It was in draconic. Butts. Solomon answered it, but Ijids actually said it right. We’re going inside shortly after this rest, I guess? I want my four bolts back.

Them things ain’t cheap.

ijids's (and Elena's!!) page idle thoughts #1

(( There is a large amount of scribbles above the entry, seeming to be mainly composed of the alphabet. Alot of the alphabet. Underneath it in light handwriting is a more proper alphabet.))

ijids thinks sala solomon is a cool guy. minty mindat is nice too. puck is cool. that zalharath guy is neat too but also kind of odd and ijids is sort of scared of him. alistair is cool. elena is really pretty and also a warforged and she is neat Aww, how sweet! ijids really likes elena Huh???

ijids thinks he should try to make better friends with mindat. ijids feels like everybody hates her. (( There is a sad face crudely drawn here. )) Well, to be fair, she is a little bit grouchy, but maybe it’s just the heat? I know that human women can sometimes get cranky in hot places. Or is that something to do with moon phases? Something like that…

ijids also thanks fu puck for helping him learn how to write. ijids is still bad with pencils. Well, for someone who doesn’t always use pencils you’ve made excellent progress!

I, myself, have just recently met with the party, and they are quite the… Odd bunch. Puck has a bit of a tendency to make comments that are… Generally uncalled for. Perhaps I should chalk that up to some unfortunate head injury?
Zalharath seems agreeable enough, so I have no worries about him. That girl Alistair is remarkably quiet, but maybe she’s just reserved. I’m sure in the right situation she is a great conversationalist!
Solomon and Mindat worry me a little, both seem rather confrontational when in the presence of the other. I should keep an eye on them, and intervene if they get into another big arguement. I just hope neither hold the opinion that warforged are disposable, I would rather not be dispatched by either for trying to help.
Oh, yes. The last little member of our rather rag-tag group. Ijids! He is a very quirky little fellow, but very sweet. He was even kind enough to let me write in his journal with him! He is such a polite and nice kobold, I am sure we’ll be very good friends in the coming days!

(( The rest of the page is occupied with scribbles. ))

Bungle in the Jungle
Puck's journal!

Ok! I don’t think I’ll have much to write this time because my everything kinda hurts right now. But I’ll get to that part.

Anyway, we all got to this tavern/pub after we docked (mindat was late, as if anyone expected any better)


At least, he says he’s a professor. He was kinda weird. One of his old friends sent him this weird war forged! Her name is Elena but she’s really not built for fighting. Glass body and all that. I made a crack about mail order brides, but sir-no-sense-of-humor just glared at me.

I also took a spoon from the pub! It was really worth it. I know it’ll come in handy.

Solomon and Mindat nearly got in a fight just outside it though. Sheeeeesh. Some people need to relax! We eventually ended up traveling through the forest (Bearington and I credit ourselves for being the mature ones~)

Then we started hearing this weird buzzing noise. It made Bearington and I kinda nervous, so I hopped down. Then like a SHITLOAD of Stirges came outta nowhere and went straight at us! What followed was the most irritating battle I’ve ever been in. Having a stirge sucking on your blood hurts like shit. And it’s annoying. Fucking stirges won’t get off.

I think Mindat must have fucked some of their minds, because they exploded. Ijids punched a few to death, I stabbed some, Elena bopped another, Alistaire zapped the last one, and Zal fried one on my back (total bro right there) Bearington also ate one off Elena! I dunno why she isn’t more happy about that :(

Oh yeah! Ijids and I collected some of the stirge remains after the battle. They will totally be useful. Yes. Mhmm.

An Odd Job for an Odd Group
Puck's journal!

I’m not sure why I keep this journal handy, really. The only person I’d let read it is Bearington, and he can’t actually read, hehe. But I suppose it’s a good idea to keep track of my current alias so I don’t mess up halfway through this.

Anyway! I arrived in Sharn and headed straight for that university. No point getting tanked until after I get all that CASH MONEY. Note to self: CASH MONEY is to always be in all capital letters.

Before I entered the chamber, I decided to don a disguise I’ve always wanted to: A very old man with horrible teeth! After all, most bad people wouldn’t harm an old man!


I also left Bearington outside the city so I wouldn’t scare the crap out of people just yet. He knows the drill, and I _bear_ly managed to get back to him in time!

When I entered the place, I saw a bunch odd folks, though I suppose it could have been worse. Overall it seemed like my fellow adventurers were going to be a kobold, a dragonborn, a kalash-mabob, a demon-person, and some uppity snooty chick. Definitely won’t be getting near that, no sir! Better write their names before I forget: Ijids, Solomon, Zalharath, Alistaire, and Mindat Custae. Mindat is the dumb one, of course.

Nobody seemed to mind my appearance (Score! Another flawless disguise) and we later set off to get to the airship that was chartered for us by that really shy chick…uh….Brena, I think. I saw some storm clouds heading our way from the south, that kinda made me antsy. But the captain was reaaallllllyyyy bold and shit. He didn’t care.

The huge bitch called Bearington disease ridden and other names and she is dumb. She got over-ruled by the captain, which was awesome. The captain is officially awesome.

Whatever, we all got aboard the airship (did I mention Zal has been a huge pal up to this because he’s cool) and it started flying. It was pretty quiet for a while. Bearington went to sleep in our room and everyone ran off to seperate areas. Eventually I went to go chat with the little kobutt, Ijids. He was alright, and pretty darn tough looking. Remind me not to irritate him too much (even if I could pick him up probably).

Suddenly the whole ship rocked like WOAAAAAH and Ijids had to hold onto the floor, hehe! I barely noticed it because I’m so badass, but a little bit later I think I heard some of our guys fall down the stairs leading up. Haha, I recognized Mindat’s voice. I think she got stuck under the lizard.

Ijids and I made a bet that one or the other would fall again during the ride, but I don’t think either of us won that. Maybe next time. His gold is mine. HIS PRECIOUS CASH MONEY YES

Also apparently the lightning was purple. That’s weird.

Though it would make a kickass band name. I’m going to save that for later.

That’s pretty much what happened. Barely heard a peep from the demon-girl. Seemed pleasant enough (I was expecting fire spitting horror so I guess that’s not saying much).

I’m still laughing over how nobody has noticed what I am yet! Hehehe

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